Brown water coming out of your faucet, toilet or tub is never a great sign. Here in Arizona, hard water is a detriment to a Gilbert homeowner’s plumbing, bathroom fixtures, even appliances. The minerals that make Arizona water hard are some of the same minerals that can turn water brown. There are many reasons why your water might be coming out brown, but in most cases you’ll want to call in a Gilbert plumbing expert to pinpoint exactly what’s going on.


Concerns With Brown WaterBLOG_BROWN WATER

  1. Iron and magnesium can turn any water brown, so if you’re noticing a slight brown color to your water, it could be a sign of either rust in your plumbing or a potential leak. If you have a leak, minerals can actually seep into your pipes as water seeps out, turning you water that brown color. Rust, which we know is a buildup of minerals, can transfer into the plumbing water as well, turning it brown.
  2. Even though brown water looks horrible, it’s actually not unsafe to drink. The actual minerals that turn water brown, iron and magnesium, aren’t harmful. However, it’s the additional minerals that may be finding their way into your water from plumbing rust that could be dangerous. If you have a leak, that leak could quickly create mold, which we all know is incredibly harmful.
  3. Brown water as a result of rust can and will stain your laundry and anything else it touches.


What To Do

Many times, brown water will appear and disappear within the same day. If that is the case, it could be nothing, a simple sign of a city water main issue or a fire hydrant issue. If the brown water doesn’t come back, I’d consider case closed.


However, if the brown water persists for more than a day and begins to interfere with laundry, showers and life, it’s time to call in a professional plumber from C. Slany Plumbing. You know you’re getting the very best plumbers in Gilbert when you call C. Slany Plumbing. Not only will we determine exactly where and why your water is turning brown, we’ll fix the problem expeditiously.