Green plumbing has become a popular trend for both new and old homes in Gilbert, AZ, and many homeowners are looking for ways to conserve their water. Water in Arizona is some of the most expensive in the United States, and any steps that you take to conserve your home’s use of water can go a long way in protecting the environment and saving you money. It helps to know the areas of your home where water is used the most, so if you are looking to upgrade to “green” plumbing fixtures or appliances, start with the ones below.

Your toilets use over 25% of your water on average

The toilets in your home use about 26% of the water on average. This is higher on average than any other part of your home, and the average person will use the toilet at about two to three times per day. Installing a low flow toilet can save up to 65% or more water compared to regular toilets. The bigger your family is the more money that you will save on water by installing low flow toilets, so consider this as one of your first green plumbing upgrades.

Your washer uses over 20% of your water

The next biggest culprit when it comes to water waste is normally your washer. On average, your washer will use about 20% of the water in your home. ENERGY STAR washers are designed to be as efficient as possible, and these washers will use less water than regular models, as well as less electricity. Front loading ENERGY STAR washers are a great plumbing upgrade because they use a lot less water and they are better for your clothing as an extra benefit.

Consider adding a flow restrictor to your faucets

Your faucets use over 15% of the water in your Gilbert, AZ home, and it can pay to install a flow restrictor. Flow restrictors can be easily installed by yourself or by a plumbing company, and they can decrease the amount of water that you use at your faucets substantially, saving you up to 300 gallons per year per person or more.

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