A piece of equipment taken for granted in many Chandler, AZ homes, water heaters are essential for many everyday activities. Whether you are washing dishes, taking a shower, or just cleaning up, you need hot water for several purposes. Your water heater makes hot water readily available to you.


You, on the other hand, probably forget that you even have a water heater. Believe it or not, though, water heaters require regular maintenance to run with efficiency and increase their longevity. Here’s how to maintain the heater:

water heater maintanence

  1. Clean Out the Sediment Regularly


One of the leading causes of dysfunction and decreased efficiency in water heaters is sediment buildup. The water that flows into the heating tank should be filtered to a degree, but the hot temperatures can cause more sediment to boil and form clumps or otherwise create blockages.


To clean out this sediment buildup, drain your hot water tank on an annual basis at least. After drain, add water and drain and a few times over. If possible add products to help loosen up and remove more sediment as well before refilling the tank.


  1. Check the Rust Rod


Most water heating tanks are prone to rusting from the inside out. Special rods are often inserted into the tank to help prevent the water from rusting the tank out so quickly. Check yours semi-annually and replace it as needed when it grows rusty.


  1. Replace Filters Regularly


The pipes that send water to your hot water tank have an important job besides delivering the fluid. It’s within those pipes that water is often filtered. The better the filtering, the less sediment that seeps into the hot water tank, the plumbing throughout the house, and even the water you use.


Many homes use multiple filtration systems to purify the water and protect the home’s plumbing. Be sure to install filters near water heaters as well as all major connective points in your plumbing. Replace filters every few months to keep everything running smoothly in your Gilbert, AZ home.