Everything is peaceful in your Gilbert, AZ home. Maybe you are relaxing at home quietly or perhaps you’re hosting guests. Someone uses the bathroom and suddenly –oh no! Your toilet is overflowing. In some cases, it could be the sink or the tub, too. Even the washing machine plumbing can overflow. Wherever and whenever you face an overflowing plumbing fixture, you need to be able to respond quickly.


Water damage from overflows can be devastating. It can also just be awkward and a big mess. Plus, most fixtures that would overflow need to be functional for daily use. Be prepared for incidents like these. Know what to do:

What To Do When Your Fixtures Start Overflowing

  1. Stop the Water Flow


Since water damage can be such a problem, it is essential that when the water overflows, you do everything you can to stop the flow in the first place. Most toilets have shut off valves located on the exposed pipes behind the fixture. For fixtures that do not, shove a rag or something similar in for a temporary plug. Then, get to the main water supply controls. Most people have their water shut off switch in the basement. Turn off the house’s water supply while you work.


  1. Remove Excess Water Still Splashing About


Once the water is no longer flowing, use a cup to neatly scoop some of the excess water into a bucket. The more the excess water splashes about on its own, the messier the situation gets (and the less sanitary!) Take control and remove an inch or two of water to give yourself space to work.

  1. Break Up the Clog


There’s a good chance that your water started to overflow in the first place because of a clog in the pipeline wreaking havoc on the water pressure. Remove clogs and anything else that shouldn’t be in the pipes that may be contributing to the problem. You can use a plunger or auger.


  1. Call a Plumber if Needed


After you have turned off the water supply, you can call a Gilbert, AZ plumber. Many people try to fix their own plumbing clogs first, as described. Then, if the problem persists, call for backup.