You’ve been told you need rooter service in Phoenix, Arizona, but you have no idea what rooter service really entails or why you even need it. All you know is your kitchen drain is slow to, well drain, and your shower drain could use some…motivation. So, you’ve given C. Slany Plumbing a call (the best plumbers in Phoenix, AZ I might add) and want an explanation of what rooter service really is. Well, you’ve come to the right place.


Clogged Drains & Drain Cleaning

Rooter service in Phoenix, AZ is essentially drain cleaning for clogged drains. The name ‘rooter service’ originated back in the early 1900’s when rooter service literally meant cleaning roots from the drains. Today, roots from nearby trees are not as big of an issue, but the name rooter service has stuck with the drain cleaning service.


Rooter Services Needed For…

Every sink, toilet, shower, and tub could use a good drain cleaning every so often. From the kitchen to the bathroom and every drain in-between, rooter service should just be another maintenance item that you have on your list of home maintenance tasks.


Kitchen Drains – These drains can clog slowly over time due to grease, soaps, fats and detergents build up within the walls of the pipes, causing an extremely slow drain and perhaps even a full blockage. C. Slany Plumbing professionals will use a rooter sink machine to run down through the grime and clog and clear your sink drain. You will notice a huge difference in how quickly your kitchen sink drains after our Phoenix plumbers take care of the problem.


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Shower and Tub Drains – Quit often the culprit to slow shower and tub drains is hair. It sounds gross, but you’d be surprised how much hair doesn’t make it through the drain pipes. Unfortunately, hair and soap do not mix well within the drains, and the combination of both things can cause quick drains to become very slow and even clog in minimal time.


There are some things that you can do DIY plumbing to keep those showers and tub drains as clear as possible. Click here to learn about these plumbing tips. But quit often those DIY solutions just won’t cut it, and you’ll need to call in our Phoenix plumbing experts.


With a rooter machine, similar to the one used in the kitchen drain, C. Slany Plumbers will cleanse and clear the drain of any and all debris, including soap and hair.


Bathroom Sink Drains – Hair is another big culprit of bathroom sink drains, but toothpaste can also be tough on drains, as well as soap and that darn hard water here in Phoenix, AZ. A rooter service, or drain cleaning, machine will be used to dive deep into the drain line. With this machine, and the expertise that comes with hiring a C. Slany Plumber, your bathroom sink drain will be clean and clear in no time.


Toilet Drains – Everything from dog and kid toys to way too much toilet paper, and everything in-between, can and will end up in the toilet. A drain cleaning machine specially made for toilet drain cleaning will be used to clear and clean the clogged toilet drain.


How Do Drain Cleaning Machines Work?

Now that you know how and what a rooter service entails, it’s important to know how the drain cleaning machine works should you ever encounter a plumber without the proper knowledge.


Drain cleaners are great little machines, both handheld and larger for floor mounting, that are equipped with cables, cutters, and a strong motor able to push the cable through extremely clogged areas. These machines literally cut through tough clogs and clean as they go. With a full drain cleaning from a rooter machine, you can be sure your Phoenix home drains will not only drain faster, they will remain cleaner for longer.