Hard water is the foe of every plumbing system, from commercial plumbing to residential plumbing…particularly here in Gilbert, Arizona.

Hard water is horrible for your skin, hair, flooring, countertops, dishes, plumbing pipes and even cooking. But what is hard water? And why is it so harmful for your home?

Let’s walk through some basics of why hard water can wreak havoc on your Gilbert home’s plumbing system.

Hard water here in Gilbert, Arizona is water that is full of minerals and elements that literally are hard for your plumbing pipes to maintain. The terms “hard water” simply means that there are many minerals in the water supply, particularly calcium and magnesium.

Now, hard water won’t make you sick, per-say, but depending no how sensitive your skin is, or how sensitive your internal plumbing system is, hard water can leave you feeling unclean and unhealthy. You certainly wouldn’t want to drink straight from the tap here in Gilbert, Arizona.

What hard water does do is leave a calcium buildup on your plumbing. You might have noticed a white, chalky looking substance accumulating around your faucets or drains. This is calcium buildup, and it can literally eat away at your plumbing fixtures.

However, if this is what the plumbing fixtures look like on the outside, where they are only touched by water a few times a day, imagine with the inside of your plumbing pipes look like, where water tends to sit and flow through consistently.

Over time, this accumulation builds up until it actually narrows the opening of the pipes and reduces the amount of water that can move through the pipes. Now, this probably won’t accumulate to the point where it completely blocks a pipe. However, it can decrease your water pressure and increase the odds of developing a clog.

Hard water is extremely rough on your plumbing, both on the outside and in, where you can’t see the damage until it’s too late.

As a Gilbert plumber, our most frequent house calls deal with the effects of hard water. From faucet and fixture replacements, to toilet replacements, drains and showerhead replacements, to full plumbing systems being upgraded.

To avoid all of this, get your home a soft water system! Call us for more details.

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