The question should be, what can a plumber not do…


Plumbers are some of the most skilled contractors you can employ, especially here at C. Slany Plumbing. In fact, there are probably a hundred things that our Gilbert plumbers can do that you had no idea about!


Today I wanted to remind you, and perhaps enlighten you, to the variety of fixes a Gilbert plumber can provide.


In the Kitchen

Starting with the kitchen, a C. Slany Plumber can take care of more than just the garbage disposal. With over 20 years in the custom home construction business, we know a thing or two about kitchens…


Now, any common Gilbert plumber will know the water lines to the fridge and the ice maker.


They should also know basic sink plumbing, garbage disposal repair and replacement, faucet repair and replacement…heck even sink repair and replacement.


However, only a former custom home construction plumber will know kitchen design and remodeling, countertop repair and replacement, plumbing line leaks in the foundation (repair and replace with small demo), even a complete rearrangement of plumbing systems in the kitchen for the remodel!


In the Bathroom

Any common Gilbert plumber should know the following:


  • Toilet clogs, toilet leaks and toilet running issues, as well as toilet replacement.
  • Sink and drain clogs, leaks, drips, corrosion, and replacement.
  • Bathtub leaks, slow drain or faucet replacment.
  • Showerhead leaks or replacement.


That is pretty basic stuff, but should be done right by a professional plumber.


Now, a C. Slany Plumber also knows bathroom design and full bathroom remodeling…as well as bathroom flooring and bathroom tiling.



Your common Gilbert plumber will know how to snake a drain, take care of a frozen pipe or find a leak in your home.


A C. Slany Plumber will not only find the leak in your home with advanced technology, our expert plumbers will repair that leak no matter where it is…in the ceiling, walls or flooring. And we won’t rip apart your home to do it!


A common Gilbert plumber should know how to repair or replace your water heater, while a C. Slany Plumber knows not only how to replace it, but do it better.


Our Gilbert plumbers can repair, replace or install gas lines, soft water systems, reverse osmosis systems, and repair or replace washing machines.
From basement sumps to septic systems, even tree roots getting into your plumbing lines, our Gilbert plumbers take care of it!