The water that comes into your home is supplied from rivers, lakes and bays, but these sources of water are not endless. The water supply for any town, including Gilbert, Arizona, has a limit, and conserving water in your house can help towards protecting this valuable resource which continues to become scarcer in many areas of the world every year.

Saving water in your home is easy. There are ways to conserve and use less water just by cutting back on your usage, such as turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or flushing only when you have to, but these are not the only ways. Much of the time, the problem with wasted water results from plumbing problems within the household. Below are some tips about water efficiency with your home plumbing to help you start saving water today.


Replace old appliances that utilize water 

Many appliances in your home use water such as your toilets and washers. After years of wear and tear on these fixtures, leaks and drips are likely to start happening. Leaky pipes or fixtures might be wasting a lot more water than you realize. Even the smallest of leaks can waste gallons and gallons of water every month, and sometimes it is difficult to notice that they are there when they are deep in the plumbing.


Replacing old appliances saves water because newer machines like toilets and washers are don’t use as much water to perform their tasks. Look for the ENERGY STAR sticker on any appliance such as a clothes washer or dishwasher and you will know that they will be designed to conserve water.


Green grass or water?

Sprinkler systems are very common in many city areas because people love their green grass, but sprinklers are one of the biggest water wasters. Having a perfect lawn may be important to you, but if your plants and grass can survive without being watered everyday or all the time, then don’t waste water on them.


Protecting the water supply in Gilbert, AZ is important, and taking a look through your home’s plumbing system to find inefficient fixtures and appliances or leaks could save you a lot of money and help protect the environment.