It’s that time of year, when the winter grass begins to transition to summer…when you don’t necessarily need an abundance of hot water, but cold water would be nice…when the water bill begins to creep up and up.

As we move from the beautiful temperatures of Spring to the warmer temps of Summer, water conservation is a big concern for Gilbert family. Plumbers are called all of the time from Gilbert home owners seeking help with lowering their water bills.

Water Saving Tips for Gilbert Families

From water conserving, green faucets, toilets and shower heads, to learning how to save water manually, now is the time of year our Gilbert plumbers want you to be as informed as possible.

3 Tips for Saving Money on Water Bills

There are quite a few things that you can do around your Gilbert house to save money on your water bill this summer. Ask any Gilbert plumber about water conservation and water bills, and they’ll run down the list of quick and minuscule details to saving money.

Today, I want to share with you the three most important water-saving tips that will have the most dramatic effect on your water bill.

Call a Plumber: You need to have a plumber out to your home to run an audit of your plumbing system. A Gilbert plumber from our team can alert you to any leaks or cracks in your pipes that might be costing you money.

Any tiny leak or crack in the plumbing system can slowly drain your water bill. It might not seem like much, a tiny drip, drip drip…

But it can cost you hundreds every year.

Running Water: We tend to leave the water running and don’t even realize it. We leave the water running when we wash dishes, scrub fruits and veggies, brush our teeth, even before we get into the shower.

Running water could be costing you hundreds every year.

This simple fix costs you nothing, but saves you hundreds. Simply try to remember to run the water off when you’re not actively using it.

Larger Loads: This tip will save you money on both your water bill and your energy bill. Even if you have an energy efficient washer and dryer, running it with small loads can eat up your budget.

As a Gilbert plumber, my job is not only to fix plumbing issues but help you preent plumbing issues and save money! By running the washer with multiple small loads, you are using a great deal of water, increasing your water bill and your energy bill, and you’re limiting the life-cycle of your washer and dryer.

If you can, save your laundry day for when the loads are large enough to fill the washer and dryer.

There are many, many things that you can do to save money on your water bill. I’ve provided you with a few ideas…the ones that I believe will make a big impact on your Gilbert home water bill.
The first step is to give us a call for that plumbing audit!