Water discoloration can be a sign of several different problems in your plumbing system. If you have discolored water you should call your Gilbert plumber right away as your water will not be drinkable. Discolored water can result from many different causes including rust, copper corrosion, algae, and others. A Gilbert plumber can determine the exact cause and solve the problem by replacing your piping or appliances or with another method.

Orange, brown or yellow water is usually caused by rust

In most cases orange, yellow or brownish water usually results from rust. This is especially common in homes with older piping. If the hot water is rust colored or has sediment, the water heater likely causes the problem. There can be many sources of rust in your home, and a local Gilbert plumber can quickly find the source. A Gilbert plumber will replace your piping if necessary and can also install a new water heater if the water heater is the problem.

If you have water that has been discolored by rust in your home it is not considered to be a health threat, however you should not wash clothing as it can be stained. Chlorine bleach should also never be used if you have rust colored water, and laundry should be delayed until a Gilbert plumber solves the issue. If children or pets mistakenly drink the water before a Gilbert plumber solves the problem it is not considered dangerous, but drinking the water should clearly be avoided altogether until a Gilbert plumber fixes the issue.

Green water may be caused by copper corrosion

Green water is usually the result of copper corrosion or algae. Green water resulting from copper corrosion will usually leave a stain on porcelain and may be found in homes with newer copper piping. Green algae can also cause green tinted water in areas with algae overgrowth during warm weather. Algae are normally not considered to be a health threat, however your local water treatment center will give an advisory in regard to water safety if there is algae overgrowth. Green tinted water can be tested by a Gilbert plumber to find the cause and copper piping can be replaced by a Gilbert plumber if needed.

Discolored water may originate at the treatment plant

The problem may originate from the municipal water supply and not in your home. To test this, turn on the cold water at different taps in your home. If you notice rust colored water or discolored water coming from all the taps in your home, there is a good chance that the discoloration originated at the treatment plant. In this case you would not need to call a Gilbert plumber since the city would take care of solving the discoloration issue on their end.