Water damage can be very costly to commercial buildings in Gilbert, AZ but there are several ways to prevent it from occurring with most buildings. Maintenance workers must be aware of the potential issues that can arise with commercial plumbing systems, catch them as they occur, and deal with them quickly or call a plumber to handle complicated problems. With the proper maintenance protocol, businesses can be protected from expensive water damage that can quickly add up in repair costs.

commercial plumbing

Check key plumbing connections regularly

One of the most important steps for water damage prevention is to check joints and plumbing fixtures on a regular basis. Maintenance staff should check these areas and any circulating pumps, as well as the pipes in the bathroom and kitchen. Small plumbing repairs should be made as quickly as possible. Any leaking drains or fittings should be replaced immediately. Rooftop plumbing lines should also be checked regularly, and floor drains in the bathrooms or kitchen should also be checked for leaks. If the building has a sump pump system or another way to control basement flooding, it should be checked regularly as well.


Check cooling towers regularly

In commercial buildings, cooling towers move very large quantities of water and can be a source of potential water damage if they are not carefully inspected. Every component of a cooling tower needs to be inspected regularly including any belts, fans, motors and other components. An appropriate rooftop drainage system needs to be in place to avoid water damage or flooding from the roof, and it needs to be checked regularly.


Crisis management is crucial

Most importantly, when there is a plumbing emergency it needs to be managed quickly and efficiently to avoid any water damage. There should be a system in place for managing plumbing emergencies, and in many cases the best option is to call a Gilbert, AZ commercial plumbing company right away. Also, extraction companies and HVAC specialists may also need to be called in, depending on the nature of the problem. A prompt response will help to ensure that the building is protected from water damage as much as possible.