There’s a lot you can do to fix your home’s plumbing without having to call a Gilbert plumber. For many stuck drains in your home you can unclog them yourself with a few basic steps and avoid the cost of hiring a Gilbert plumber. If you think you might do damage to your home with a do it yourself method or are worried about its safety, call your local Gilbert plumber for advice.


How to Clear a Kitchen Drain Clog

For a clearing out a kitchen drain clog without having to call a Gilbert plumber, you can use a homemade natural drain cleaner to unclog drains. Pour a half cup of baking powder followed by a half cup of vinegar down the drain and let the mixture sit for 2-3 hours before running water. You can also try pouring boiling hot water down your drain carefully. If these methods don’t work it’s not recommended use store bought drain cleaners as they can be bad for the environment. Instead call a local Gilbert plumber for help.


How to Clear a Bathroom Drain

Your bathroom sink or tub is usually clogged with hair. For removing hair in the tub you can lift the strainer and clean out any blockages you find. There might be a few screws that you need to remove in order to do this. If the blockage is further down you might need to use an auger, and if you aren’t sure how to use one you can call your Gilbert plumber to clear the clog, as you might damage your plumbing.


To prevent clogged drains and avoid having to call a Gilbert plumber, throw grease and oil away in the garbage instead of pouring it down drains where it can solidify. Clear your tub and sink’s strainer on a regular basis. Use your garbage disposal only to dispose of soft foods and foods that won’t cause blockages, and use cold water to flush the food down the drain and prevent it from collecting on the pipes. If you don’t have any success at unclogging your drain with do it yourself methods you can always call a Gilbert plumber to fix the issue.


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