It is helpful to know how to repair some of the most common bathroom problems so that you don’t have to call a Gilbert, AZ plumbing company. The cost to hire a plumbing company sometimes isn’t necessary when you know how to fix minor plumbing issues. Below are some tips for troubleshooting common problems with your toilet and sink, and if you find that you can’t fix your plumbing problem quickly it may be better to call an expert.


Repairing your toilet handle

One common plumbing problem that Gilbert, AZ homeowners regularly see is a broken toilet handle. Handles can wear down over time and the chain on toilet handles can break. If you have a problem with your toilet handle, check the chain and make sure that it is still attached. If it slips off you can easily reconnect it by sliding it back on the arm. If the handle breaks, you can use the arm to flush the toilet until you get a replacement handle. Installing a replacement handle is easy and you most likely won’t need to call a plumbing expert for help with it.


Repairing a broken sink stopper

Sink stoppers regularly break as a result of wear and tear, as your sinks are one of the most commonly used plumbing fixtures in your home. If you have noticed that your sink stopper isn’t working as well, check under the sink and look at the lever that moves the stopper. There is a rod that is connected to the drain, and you can push on the rod to lift the stopper and allow any water in the sink to drain. You can also easily find a replacement stopper rod and fix it yourself without a plumber, as it is a relatively easy replacement to do.


Call an expert if you aren’t sure what to do

Sometimes even minor problems can become a hassle even if you have experience fixing them, so if you don’t have the time it can be better to call a local plumbing company. An expert will be able to fix any minor problems with your plumbing fixtures and even maintain them to ensure that they are working properly now and in the future.