Installing a new faucet is one of the more affordable upgrades that you can make for your kitchen or bathroom, and there are several new faucet trends for 2015 that you might consider if you’re looking for a new one. Hiring a plumber in Gilbert, AZ to install your new faucet is an easy way ensure that it is installed properly, and a professional plumber guarantee that it is working the way that it should while limiting potential plumbing problems. There are several new options for faucets in 2015 that your plumber can recommend, and there are actually several features to consider when you are shopping for one.


Faucet Trend # 1 – Chrome finishes are popular on faucets for 2015

Many homeowners are now preferring chrome finishes for their kitchen or bathroom faucets, and a Gilbert plumber can install a modern faucet with a chrome finish at a relatively low cost. Some other popular finishes include bronze and nickel which can cost more, and customized finishes are also popular for 2015. Homeowners can expect to spend anywhere from $100 to $250 or more on a customized finish for their faucet, and that amount may be slightly more if a plumber is hired to install it or customize it. There are also textured finishes available, but chrome remains popular for its low price.


Faucet Trend #2 – Geometric bathroom themes can be set up by your plumber

Geometric and simple designs are making their way back into bathrooms, and faucets with rectangular and other geometric shapes are being installed by plumbers in Gilbert, AZ more often. The overall theme idea is to make the entire room geometric, so matching mirrors, sinks, and other décor will usually be featured in the bathroom design. Copper is one metal that can look nice with geometric patterns and is sometimes combined with light shades of marble or granite for the countertop.


Faucet Trend #3 – Matching faucet finishes with the rest of the room

Another popular trend for 2015 is to match the faucet finish with the rest of the room. A Gilbert plumber can make a recommendation on the type of faucet that would match the best based on your particular bathroom design, but the homeowner often knows best. For instance, a design theme with matching copper mirrors and faucets is one idea that a plumber can arrange for a homeowner, and there are dozens of different combinations that you might consider. For advice on what might look good in your bathroom or kitchen, contact a plumber in Gilbert, AZ for information on the latest faucet models and finishes.