Conserving water in your Chandler, AZ home can reduce your water bills substantially and is well worth the effort. There are water conserving fixtures that can be installed by a plumber which can make the job easier for you, but most of the best ways to conserve water come down to your own practices. Implementing just a few of these tips can help you conserve water and protect the environment from water pollution.

Tips to Conserve Water in Your Home

Take shorter showers

You can save up to 2 to 5 gallons of water every minute that you save on your showers. Keeping your shower time to a minimum makes a major difference in the amount of water that you use every year. You can also install water conserving showerheads, but taking short showers is also important for conserving water.


Turn faucets off that aren’t needed

Running the faucet constantly when you are washing your face or brushing your teeth can cause a lot of unneeded water waste. Instead, turn your faucet on and off based on when you actually need it, and you can save potentially hundreds of gallons per year. Also, installing faucet aerators or flow rate restrictors will reduce your water waste.


Check for leaks

Hire a plumber to check for leaks in your Chandler, AZ home or check for them yourself on a regular basis. You should check for leaks at least two per year, and just constantly look around your home and the outside for damp areas or water damage. A leaky pipe can result in many gallons of water waste per year and it can also damage your home. Ask your plumber where you should be looking and hire a plumber if you find a leak you can’t take care of.


Wash full loads in the laundry

Be sure to fill up the washer to its maximum whenever you wash your clothes, and select the appropriate water setting if you have smaller loads. If you wash small loads you can waste up to twice as much water, and you will also be wasting electricity. You should also consider installing a front loading washer or an upgraded model which can reduce water waste, and newer models are also more efficient with their energy use.