Among the main components in bathrooms is undoubtedly the faucet. Therefore, it needs to be properly maintained to remain in perfect working order. Unfortunately, there are several things which may go wrong with your bathroom faucet.

While some of these are minor and, therefore, relatively simple to fix, other problems may be extreme and need the whole system to be replaced. When you have a major problem with your bathroom faucet, don’t hesitate to call your local plumber to replace it. They have the experience and professional knowledge to effectively deal with such kinds of problems.

Tips on Replacing Your Bathroom Faucets

Whereas bathroom faucet replacement may be some time consuming project, several of the new units are made to be simply assembled by the homeowner. As a result, they come with a manual containing special instructions on how you are going to do so.

Step 1

After removing the old faucet, you should follow strictly the manufacturer’s manual to replace it with a new one. Majority of installations start with installing the gasket on the faucet’s bottom. Others need a plumber’s putty or sealant. You then place it through the mounting holes in the sink, and then you tighten the mounting nuts.

Step 2 

Not all of them come pre-assembled. Therefore you may have to attach the handles. Just slip the guide ring onto the handle’s bottom. You then place it on the base of the faucet, and secure it with the setscrew.

Step 3 

Move next on to the drain, where you’re going to screw the nut, all the way down on the drain body, and you push the gasket over it.

Step 4

Apply just some little bit of silicone under the flange. Place the drain body on the sink’s bottom-ensuring the pivot hole faces the back.

Step 5

Underneath, you should tighten the gasket and the nut. And on top, utilize mineral spirits in order to help you in cleaning up any extra or excess silicone.

Step 6

Install next the drain rod. Unscrew the pivot point found on the drain body, and insert the horizontal rod via the hole in the stopper, then replace the nut. Push down the horizontal rod, and secure to the strap the lift rod with the screw. You can now test the lift rod.

Step 7

Reconnect the faucet’s supply lines. When your sink is already set, you can utilize a basin wrench to help you reach the faucet shanks.

Step 8

Lastly flush the bathroom faucet through removing the aerator. This will eliminate the sediment or debris


The above are simple steps you can use to replace your bathroom faucet. But remember that to have an effective work done, always call your local plumber to help you replace your damaged faucet.

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