If you are considering buying a water softener for your Gilbert, AZ home or business, there are several considerations to think about and features that you should research before you make a final decision. Calling a plumber for advice can be a good idea, as your local plumber will have experience with water softener installations and be able to inform you about the features of the latest models. Your plumber can also install your water softener and ensure that it is working properly. Below are some tips to buying the right water softener for your home and business.

Tips for Buying a Water Softener

Find out how hard your water is

There are home water hardness measuring kits that you can purchase, or you can call a plumber to measure your water hardness. With the home test kits, they come with a strip that will change to a particular color depending on the hardness of your water. Either way, you should be sure that you measure the hardness of your water supply before you purchase a water softener. This way you will know which water softener models will work best for your needs.


Think about a dual tank system

If you have a family you may want to install a dual tank water softener. These systems have two tanks and ensure that a steady supply of soft water is available for use in your home or business. Dual tank systems are a great option for a large family or a business that has a lot of water needs, but they are pricier than other models and may not be a good fit with your home.


Single tank softeners might work

In some situations, single tank water softeners might work for you. These offer a more limited supply of soft water because they need to regenerate, and while they are regenerating soft water is not available for this period of time. These might be a good option for an individual or a couple, or a business with lower water needs. A Gilbert, AZ plumber will be able to tell you whether a dual tank softener will work for your home or if you should save a bit of money and install a single tank softener.