Every week is a new adventure here at C. Slany Plumbing! From Gilbert to Awhatukee, you definitely keep us busy, and we love it!

Every once in a while we get the pleasure of working on plumbing projects with members of the family…something that we take pride in.

However, we’re not talking about our two-legged family. Nope! We love working with our furry friends and family!



Check out our handy helper on a plumbing project this week. This little helper supervised the entire visit! He was obviously making sure we tightened every bolt, tested every line. There was not missing a detail with these watchful eyes!


And, sometimes, our four-legged friends have to take over. On this bathroom plumbing repair, our little helper had to double check a leak…apparently she didn’t think we were looking in the right place.

It’s these kinds of home visits that stick with us! I’m not going to say that we might have a few treats in our pockets…we might, we might not…but we do enjoy help from the family pet!