For homeowners in Gilbert, Arizona there are many circumstances where they will be required to fix a plumbing problem in their home or work on a small plumbing project without the help of a Gilbert plumber. Many basic plumbing problems can be fixed with a home plumbing toolkit. More complicated problems that require tools like a sewer snake will usually need to be fixed by a Gilbert plumber. Small leaks and clogs near the fixture are often fixable with some basic tools without needing a hire a Gilbert plumber.


Hand Auger

This is a hand cranked plumbing tool that can be used to clear out clogs from tubs and sinks and has a limited range of about 25 feet. This is a must have tool for a home plumbing kit and can remove many clogs without needing to call a Gilbert plumber.



The plunger is normally used first to try to clear out a clog and it is another common plumbing product that is used for a home project. A Gilbert plumber will be able to dislodge clogs that cannot be removed with a plunger or hand auger.


Plumber’s Putty

This is a sealing compound that is normally used by a Gilbert plumber to make watertight seals around drains, and is most commonly used for sink repair jobs.



A hacksaw is a common tool for DIY plumbing jobs and can be used to cut through metal piping. You should have replacement blades on hand.


Screw Drivers and Allen Wrenches

Screw drivers might be needed to remove fixtures and you should have a variety of them in your plumbing kit as there are a variety of different screws used in plumbing. You should also have an Allen wrench set for faucets or other fixtures that have Allen screws.


You can add a number of other tools to your home plumber’s kit based on your experience with plumbing. For plumbing jobs that can’t be easily fixed with a home plumbing kit it’s always a good idea to call a Gilbert plumber for help. You can also ask a local Gilbert plumber for ideas on what to include in your toolkit.