Most sump pumps are well designed and usually quite reliable. Modern sump pumps have features like flood alarms that warn home owners of issues, but they require some maintenance. If you have a sump pump that was installed by a local Gilbert plumber or other plumbing company there are a few things you will need to do to maintain them to ensure proper functioning.


Your local Gilbert plumber recommends you to test your pump every four months

Your sump pump will often not be used unless it is raining heavily in your area, so you should test it on a semi-regular basis. Every four months or so you should make sure that the pump’s power cord is connected and clean the inlet screen. You should also test the pump by dumping some water into it to check that the pump automatically turns on. Doing these regular maintenance steps will ensure that your pump will work the next time that it rains.


Some more maintenance steps to do annually

Your local Gilbert plumber recommends inspecting and cleaning your sump pump once per year. There is a particular method for cleaning each type of pump that can be found in the owner’s manual, and if you have questions you can always call your local Gilbert plumber for advice. If your pump requires oil you may need to replace some of that oil, and a Gilbert plumber can tell you if your pump does. Also make sure that your pump is connected to a GFCI outlet and check the cord for signs of wear.


Call your Gilbert plumber quickly if you have sump pump problems to avoid water damage

If you have problems with your sump pump you should definitely call your local Gilbert plumber as soon as possible due to the serious water damage and flooding issues that can happen quickly. A Gilbert plumber can come out to your home in an emergency and fix your sump pump to prevent as much water damage as possible. If you have questions about how your sump pump works or other things you might need to do to maintain it, speak with your local Gilbert plumber for more information.