As the temperatures start to rise, most likely your plumbing usage will increase, thus your water bill increasing. During the summer months a person will tend to use more water, up to, if not 50% more than they do in the winter months. However, there are a few tips you can use to try and keep your water usage down, thus keeping your water bill lower.

1. If you choose to go on summer vacation for more than a week, you may want to lower your water heater in order to conserve energy. If you want to also try and avoid leaks from your water heater, as well as avoid using more energy, check the date on your water heater. If it is between 8 to 10 years old, you may want to look into purchasing a new one.

2. With summer coming that means if you have little ones, that school is out for a couple of months. If that is the case you might see an increase in the amount of laundry that you are doing now. Although washing machine hoses tend to last between 3 to 5 years, with the increase in laundry loads, you may want to double check your washing machines hoses and make sure that they are not starting to wear and tear, which can cause leaks.

3. Doing an easy toilet repair, faucet repair, or shower head repair, that can easily save you money, is to install an EPA Watersense product. These water-efficient saving products can help you lower your monthly water bill, as well lower water waste.

4. When it comes to maintaing your lawn and other landscapes around your house, you are going to want to water either in the earlier morning or at night time. This is because if you choose to water your yard in the daytime, you are going to actually lose the water due to evaporation and the heat. This in turn will cause you to water your yard twice as much, increasing your monthly water bill.