Upgrading the plumbing in your Gilbert, AZ home to make it “greener” can make a major difference in reducing your water waste and the environmental impact of your home. There are dozens of upgrades to think about to make your home’s plumbing system more eco-friendly and cleaner, and a plumber can give you advice on some of the most popular upgrades to think about. Green plumbing can make your water taste better, reduce your water bill, and make your water safer for your family.



Install a water filtration system

You should consider installing a water filtration system which can make your water safer for you and your family. There are energy efficient reverse osmosis systems that you can install which can provide you with clean water for cooking, drinking, and hygiene. Clean water is better for both your family and for the environment, and the latest reverse osmosis systems are very efficient. There are also less expensive options available like carbon filters or chlorine filters that you or your plumber can install to filter out some contaminants, but reverse osmosis system are very thorough.


Install energy efficient appliances

New appliances including newer washers, dishwashers and water heaters can reduce your water usage by a large amount. Some of the newer moderns can be up to 50% more efficient than outdated models. They will use less energy and water, saving you on both bills, and they will also do a better job at cleaning. Ask your plumber whether or not you can benefit from installing newer appliances, and it may not be a major priority if your appliances are relatively new.


Install a leak monitor

A Gilbert, AZ plumber can install a water leak monitor in your home, which can be beneficial if you have had one or more water leaks in the past. These modern devices catch leaking pipes as soon as they start, and there are several different models available based on your needs. They can be installed in areas of your home that are more likely to have a water leak such as the bathroom, kitchen, basement, pool or laundry room.