Snaking a drain involves using a plumbing device called a snake to free up a clog in a drain. A snake is normally used once other methods like plunging have been tried. There are a few different methods that you can try before calling a plumber in Gilbert depending on the type of drain that is clogged.


Your tub might get stopped up, usually due to hair buildup somewhere along the line. The tub stopper can be removed to try to remove a blockage that is closer to the surface. A hand snake can be used if the clog is further down the line at the overflow. A thin cable snake is normally used for a tub, as a thicker cable might cause damage to the tub components. If you aren’t sure, it is best to call a plumber in Gilbert for help.


Toilets commonly get stopped up, and a plunger is normally used to clear out most blockages. If a plunger does not work, a toilet auger would be used to prevent damage to the toilet. A toilet auger is a specialized snake that is flexible and works with a hand crank, and can dislodge tougher blockages. If a toilet auger does not work, it is recommended to call a plumber in Gilbert for more help.


A kitchen drain can be snaked with a mini rooter with an extended range, which a plumber in Gilbert would normally have, or it can be rented. Kitchen drains are normally snaked by removing the trap underneath the kitchen sink, which may require a bit of plumbing skill. A plumber in Gilbert can remove the trap and snake the clog out and save you time if you can’t get a mini rooter.


A main drain requires a wider and stronger snake as these are normally blocked from tree roots. They are cleared with a sewer snake that a plumber in Gilbert would have access to. Using a sewer snake without the help of a plumber in Gilbert is not recommended unless you have experience with one, as they can cause damage to your home. Call a plumber in Gilbert if you suspect that you have a main line drain, or if you have trouble in clearing up a blockage in the other drains of your home.


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