Slow drains are a common problem in the home and there are several do it yourself fixes that you can try out before calling a Gilbert plumber for assistance. The bathroom sink and tub/shower drain are the most common slow drains, but other drains can have the same issue.

Clear the trap first

There is a debris trap on most tubs and many sinks, and you should first open that trap to clear out any hair or debris. Doing this can fix many slow drains, but if the trap is clear then the clog is further down the pipe and you may need to call a Phoenix plumber for help if you can’t get to it.

Slow Drain? Here Are Some DIY Fixes

Try using a plunger

A plunger is one of the first things to try to open a slow drain. It’s easy and it can be used on tubs or showers. Create an air tight seal with the plunger and the drain outlet and press down firmly on the plunger several times. Follow up with a rinse of hot water and repeat several times until the blockage is dislodged. If this doesn’t work after a few tries move onto another method or call your Phoenix plumber.

Try a homemade drain opener before calling a Phoenix plumber

Store-bought drain openers have harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and dangerous to use. Try using a homemade drain opener solution made with a ¼ cup of baking soda and vinegar. You can pour the baking soda down the drain first followed by the vinegar and there will be some fizzing. Follow this up with a hot water rinse or you can try boiling water as well.

If all else fails call a Phoenix plumber for help

If it doesn’t work you might consider calling a Phoenix plumber for help. In many cases it’s worth the money to hire a Phoenix plumber instead of risking damaging your plumbing or spending too much time on a home fix. Your local Phoenix plumber will also know how to fix the issue quickly and a professional Phoenix plumber will avoid doing unnecessary damage to your plumbing system.


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