One of the most overlooked parts of your Chandler, AZ plumbing system, your water filter is actually essential. The filter helps to provide clean water to your entire house for several important purposes, like making drain cleaning more effective. For instance, the clean water passed through the filter is much better for the pipes in your whole plumbing system. Of course, filtered water also tends to taste better.

In order to ensure that your whole house water filter is up to par and doing its job well, you need to replace it every so often. When, exactly, it needs to be replaced depends on the water in your home, your plumbing system, and the type of filter you use. You can spot the signs that it needs to be replaced, though:

Sign #1: Your Water Pressure Is Reduced

One of the benefits of a water filter is that is removes dirt, impurities, and minerals so those items don’t end up changing your water quality or texture. If these items pass through an old filter though, one of the first things they affect if your water pressure.

Sign #2: You Notice Sediment in the Water

Of course, sometimes when items like minerals and dirt pass through a filter that needs to be replaced it is obvious. For instance, if you notice lines around your bathtub or dirt in the basins of sinks or washing machines, it is probably time to switch out filters.

Sign #3: Your Pipes are Getting Clogged

Many logs are cause by the stuff that people put down drains, like hair, too much toilet paper, or other products. When there are clogs caused by unfiltered (or poorly filtered) water getting into the pipes, you will notic because a plunger won’t be enough to solve the problem. Changing the filter and flushing the system out with fresh water might help.

Sign #4: Your Water Tastes or Smells Different

If you notice that your water is a different color, develops an odor, or tastes odd, then it is time to switch out the filter in your Chandler, AZ home. You may also want to do some drain cleaning in case dirt is getting in that way. Often, that takes care of the issue.


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