Today, when the mercury is hitting bout 112-degrees in Phoenix, the very last thing you’d probably want coming out of your shower head is scolding water. In fact, you’d probably give anything to be able to brush your teeth with cold and refreshing water. Unfortunately for many Phoenix homeowners, when the temperatures rise to record breaking numbers, getting cold and refreshing water out of your pipelines is just probably not going to happen.


Phoenix homeowners with conventional, storage-tank water heaters will need to replace them every 10 to 13 years. If your water heater has been pushing along for 10 years, it’s probably time to give your Phoenix plumber a call to have it maintenanced. On the upside, newer models, including tankless water heaters, can be up to 20% more efficient and save you nearly $1,000 in energy costs over the life of the unit. It might not sound like much when you space that savings across ten years, but it does lower your overall carbon footprint and help the environment.blog_water heater replace or repair


Repair or Replace?

In most cases with conventional, storage-tank water heaters, determining if you need to repair or replace it is simple. Here are a few top items that could be wrong with your water heater that the plumbing professionals at C. Slany Plumbing can take care of:


  • Pilot light on gas water heater flickers out
  • Circuit breaker for an electric heater trips
  • Burner or heating element fails
  • Thermostat breaks
  • Valve sticks
  • Hot water doesn’t stay hot long enough
  • There are puddles on the floor around the water tank
  • Clanging, banging noises
  • Leaks around fittings


If you notice any of the above signs, give C. Slany Plumbing a call. Our team of plumbing experts see these kind of water heater problems quite often, and can be and out of your home in a matter of minutes with a quick fix at an affordable rate.


However, if your tank is over ten years old and we come out to check one of the before mentioned problems, we will probably suggest purchasing a new, upgraded and energy efficient unit.


Here in Arizona where hard water rules, minerals within the water react with the steel within the water heater causing corrosion and can cause leaks. When corrosion leads to a water heater leak, replacement is usually the only option.


Replacing a conventional water heater with a tankless is definitely your best option in Arizona, where the hard water can wreak havoc on just about everything it touches. Tankless water heaters are extremely energy efficient, which will save you money in the long run, and will last longer the conventional water heaters.


If you think it might be time to call out a Phoenix plumber, look no farther then C. Slany Plumbing – the best licensed, bonded and insured plumbers in the East Valley.