If you want to ensure the safety of your home, C. Slany Plumbing offers a range of home plumbing services including those related to gas lines and inspection. We can provide regular inspection and maintenance to ensure maximum functionality and safety of your gas lines.


If you don’t know yet, there are numerous dangers and risks involved when you have leaking gas line. An experienced Phoenix plumber identifies these risks with you to prevent the possible complications that might happen otherwise. Gas is flammable and combustible so if your gas line leaks the consequences could be quite dramatic.blog_gas line safety phoenix az


Our plumbers know the risks as well as town ordinances and codes. We are trained to inspect and maintain gas lines according to city guidelines. There are cases when you can’t smell the gas and the leakage goes undetected therefore the inspection services of a plumber experienced in gas lines is necessary to prevent a potentially dangerous situation.


Furthermore, an undetected leakage in your gas lines could also mean that you’re only wasting expensive resources considering that these lines are usually metered. This means you will be paying on the amount of gas going through your line. Contacting an expert Phoenix plumber helps you save money on the bills you’re going to pay later on because a properly maintained line will not cost you as much as a leaking line.


Our professionals can help you maintain your gas bill. So instead of paying higher than normal, it makes sense if you hire an expert Phoenix plumber to maintain and inspect the line for you to avoid the costly monthly expenses. Our team has the training and knowledge necessary to ensure your gas lines are in good, functioning state.


A regular maintenance and inspection of your gas lines from a qualified Phoenix plumber allows you to prevent potential dangers. However, an expert plumber would tell you various tips when faced with a possible gas leak including:


  • Don’t do anything that may cause ignition of gas and result to explosion. Keep away lighted cigarettes or match and don’t use the telephone or turn the light switch on.
  • Call an expert Phoenix plumber to confirm what you suspect and immediately alert anyone near the vicinity so they would not wander within the premise. Keep yourself and everyone from the area at least 200 feet away.
  • Call the proper authorities.