It is not likely that any Phoenix Plumber has ever heard a customer complaining about have too high of water pressure in their home or that their shower is like a fire hose. Many complain to their Phoenix Plumber that their current water pressure is not enough and they want as much water pressure in their house that is possible, so why would someone call a Phoenix Plumber about installing pressure reducing valves in their homes? There is actually a few good reasons that your Phoenix Plumber may recommend changing the valves to reduce pressure.

Should You Call a Phoenix Plumber to Install Pressure Reducing Valves

Adding PRVs to an Appliance

Anyone who has ever replaced a home appliance such as a dishwasher, water softener, or water heater already knows that replacement of these items is far from cheap. A Phoenix Plumber will advise you to use PRVs to protect these appliances and your investment. If your home’s water pressure is too high it is that pressure which will put stress on your appliances. The lifespan on your appliances will dwindle down to a very short time if your home’s water pressure is too high. Any appliance that is connected to a water line is impacted by high water pressure and if you want to prolong the life of these items, call your Phoenix Plumber to quickly and easily install PRVs. People who have high end home appliances frequently take this measure to protect their investment.


Fixtures Protected by PRVs

While nobody really wants to shower under a trickling shower head, your Phoenix Plumber will be able to help you find the right water pressure with PRVs. The right balance will help you save on your water bill and extend the life of your water fixtures. In addition to saving yourself money in water usage fees, reducing the amount of water you use is good for the planet, so you can feel good about that too!


Supply Lines and Pressure Reducing Valves

Around the city, the local water authorities are looking into hooking some areas up to a new water main. These kinds of mains are meant to increase the water pressure from the standard 40 psi and take it to over 110 psi. This is becoming a common practice around neighborhoods in this country. If you have ever noticed the effects of built up water pressure, you know what this might mean if you have high pressure valves — think of it as an outdoor water hose that you crimp in half. Burst hoses from high pressure can cause major damage to your home, contact your Phoenix Plumber before that becomes a problem. An expert Phoenix Plumber can help advise you on keeping your appliances, fixtures, and water lines safer.


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