A sewage pump is used to remove waste from your home and deposit the waste into a septic field or into the sewer line.  A sewage pump can be installed by a Gilbert plumber for homes where some of the toilets are below the sewer line or for other homes that might need a sewage pump. When the liquid level of the tank inside the pump rises to a certain level, the pump is activated and pumps the sewage into the waste line.


There are some things you can do to maintain and fix your sewage pump if you are familiar with some of the basics of plumbing, but in other cases you might have to call your local Gilbert plumber for help with the job. To keep your sewage pump clean be sure to never flush objects down the toilet, as they can accumulate in the sewage pump and block it off. Keep a trash can near your toilets and encourage everyone in your house to throw away any garbage outside of toilet paper into the trash. In many cases garbage can completely ruin a sewage pump, requiring a replacement to be installed by your Gilbert plumber.


It is worth the cost to also have a Gilbert plumber come out annually and clean and clear the pump out. This is a relatively small cost job that can be completed quickly by your Gilbert plumber and will ensure that the pump does not get backed up. A Gilbert plumber will clear the system out completely and keep it running well for the next year. Pumps that are not cleaned annually by a Gilbert plumber are more likely to have issues and shorter lives.


Normally a good quality sewage pump will work without issue. If you maintain your sewage pump regularly, it will do its job and carry your home’s waste away as it should, but a sewage pump problem can cause damage to your home and be unsanitary if it is serious. If you think you have a major sewage pump problem your best bet is to call a Gilbert plumber to help fix the issue