tempe plumberC. Slany Plumbing serves all of the East Valley, including Tempe, Arizona. Our Tempe plumbers are bonded, insured and licensed, and some of the most experienced technicians in the industry. With over two decades of experience in Tempe plumbing, C. Slany Plumbers understand Tempe city codes and safety regulations in association with gas installation, repair and location of leaks, as well as every other plumbing service you’d need on the residential or commercial level.


Tempe plumbers are professional, reliable, and responsible, and will give you the best customer service in all of the East Valley. Our Tempe plumbers will come to your home or place of business and fix your leaks and clogs, repair those lines, install that new water heater, and use the best parts and tools for the job.


Tempe plumbers can tackle leaks, gas leaks, water heater problems, reverse osmosis systems, drain snaking, underground plumbing issues, installations, repairs and replacements. Our Tempe plumbers provide the highest-quality services at the best prices. We’re ready to solve all of your plumbing needs, from residential to commercial.


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C. Slany Plumbing offers professional, reliable, licensed, insured and bonded plumbing services to all of the East Valley, including Phoenix, AZ, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Queen Creek, Scottsdale and Tempe. We specialize in drains and rooter, water softener and osmosis, leaks and gas. Located at 2220 E Williams Field Rd, Gilbert, Arizona, 85295