Home plumbing emergencies can result in serious and expensive water damage, so you should have all the proper tools needed to manage plumbing emergencies before any damage is done to your home. Do you have the Right Tools For a DIY Plumbing Emergency?For plumbing emergencies that you can’t fix by yourself, you should call a Gilbert plumber, but there are a lot of emergencies that you can fix or at the very least manage by yourself before a Gilbert plumber arrives.

You’ll need a complete plumber’s emergency kit in your home to manage plumbing emergencies. Here are some of the basic components that a Gilbert plumber would recommend you to have available:

  • A five gallon bucket to catch water, along with a backup bucket
  • Paper towels and rags to mop up smaller water spills
  • Duct tape and piping tape to seal pipes temporarily until a Gilbert plumber can properly seal them
  • A multi-bit screwdriver
  • Plunger and forced cup plunger
  • Pipe wrench to tighten loose pipes

There are other tools that you can add to your plumber’s emergency kit, but these are some of the basics that you’ll need.  If you have a decent pluming skill you can add more plumbing tools to your kit, and you might not even need to call a Gilbert plumber for minor problems.

You will need to know where your home’s water supply shut off valve is. This is very important for leaks that can’t be shut off or sealed at their source. Your water shut off will allow you to prevent water damage and waste before a Gilbert plumber finds the exact source.

Your water heater and other water using appliances probably have an isolation shut off valve that can be tried first before you shut off your home’s water supply. This will allow you to continue to use water while you wait for a Gilbert plumber to arrive.

You should also know how to turn off your water heater in case it needs to be serviced by your Gilbert plumber. This is usually a switch located near your water heater. Use your emergency kit to manage leaks as needed, but if you in doubt about anything call your local Gilbert plumber for advice.