If you or a Gilbert plumber installed a reverse osmosis system in your home, you made a good decision as it is one of the best ways to have regular access to clean drinking water. To keep your reverse osmosis system working properly you will need to do a few maintenance steps on a regular basis. Maintaining your RO water system will prolong its life and reduce the chance needing to call a Gilbert plumber to replace or fix it.

Every 12 to 18 months you should replace all of the filter cartridges of your RO system, and every 20 to 60 months you will need to replace the system’s membrane, depending on the unit. You or a Gilbert plumber can also sanitize the unit when you replace the membrane, but sanitization is not always necessary. A Gilbert plumber can give you advice on how to maintain your specific unit if you aren’t sure, but below are the most common steps:

Changing the Cartridges

To change the cartridges, you will need to first shut off the water supply and relieve the pressure on the filtration unit. You will then need to remove the filter housings and remove the used cartridges and replace them with new ones. Start the unit up after the replacement.

Changing the Membrane

To change the membrane you will also need to shut off the water supply to the unit. This usually involves unscrewing the membrane housing, discarding the used membrane and replacing it with a new one. When you replace the membrane make sure that it is seated correctly. You should also replace the filter cartridges at the same time that you replace the membrane.

Hiring a Gilbert Plumber to Install a RO Unit

If you are considering installing a new RO system, you should probably hire a Gilbert plumber to install it, as there are many details involved. If you make a mistake you can have a flood in your kitchen which can cause water damage or complicated plumbing issues that your Gilbert plumber will have to fix. To avoid plumbing mistakes, be sure to hire a Gilbert plumber or ask a Gilbert plumber for advice when installing your unit.