Plumbing leaks in Phoenix can occur at any time of the year – in the winter when the freeze sets in, or in the middle of summer when everything is dry. Unfortunately, there are many instances in Phoenix where you will not even realize that you have a residential leak until water damage occurs. Water damage can occur quickly and devastatingly, or slow and destructive.


There are many different kinds of plumbing leaks, and the Phoenix plumbers at C. Slany Plumbing are familiar with each and every one, and know how to fix them in a jiffy. From leaks in the walls to leaks under the floor to leaks far beneath the ground, our Phoenix plumbers can take care of it.


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Drain Leaks
Garbage Disposal Leaks
Increased Utility Bills
Leak Detection
Leak Location
Leak Repair
Leaks in Ceilings
Leaks in Walls
Leaks Under Floors
Leaks Under Ground
Running Water
Slab Leak Repair
Slab Leaks
Valve Leaks
Warm Spots in Floors
Water Heater Leaks
Water Noises

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C. Slany Plumbing offers professional, reliable, licensed, insured and bonded plumbing services to all of the East Valley, including Phoenix, AZ, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Queen Creek, Scottsdale and Tempe. We specialize in drains and rooter, water softener and osmosis, leaks and gas.