In homes and other residential buildings, there are a number of plumbing problems that regularly occur. Some of these problems can be fixed easily, and others require the assistance of a Gilbert plumber. One common problem is when hair and other materials get caught in a sink trap. This can normally be fixed by undoing the sink trap and removing the materials, but in some cases a Gilbert plumber may need to be called.



Stopped up toilets can often result in a phone call to a Gilbert plumber. If the water in a toilet rises toward the top of the rim and does not drain or drains slowly then the toilet is clogged. A plunger can be used to try to unclog the toilet or a hand-snake. If this does not work, it is recommended to call a Gilbert plumber to use a more powerful snake.



Appliances that use water like water heaters and others can leak or have scale buildup. In these cases it is usually necessary to consult a Gilbert plumber, as fixing a water heater requires a great depth of plumbing and electrical knowledge. A plumber can find out whether or not the water heater or appliance can be saved, and try to fix it or replace it with a new one.


A garbage disposal can often begin to smell, and there are a number of steps you can take to reduce this odor. Filling up your sink and adding a small capful of bleach and draining it can help to reduce the odor, and you can also drop lemon and orange peels down the disposal to remove the odor. A Gilbert plumber can also give advice on how to remove the odor if these steps do not work.


A Gilbert plumber can save you time in fixing some of the common plumbing problems that can occur in your home. Although there are some small steps you can take to fix common residential plumbing problems if you are not successful after a few attempts or aren’t familiar with plumbing in most cases it’s better to call a Gilbert plumber for help.


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