Many Phoenix plumber contractors agree that soft water systems are better alternatives to hard water – with emphasis on moderation. Soft water when taken regularly can increase sodium levels of consumers along with increasing the risk for lead exposure and even physical dehydration.

household cleaning becomes bearable and easier through the use of treated water.

What Phoenix plumber companies think as the primary benefit of soft water is not associated with consumption but rather avoid scaling buildup in faucets. If you ask an expert Phoenix plumber, he would be able to tell you that – household cleaning becomes bearable and easier through the use of treated water.


What is a soft water system?

Soft water systems are basically water systems that have been treated. According to an expert Phoenix plumber, the chemical composition of hard water has been altered through the removal of magnesium and calcium then sodium is added in exchange to the missing minerals. For a Phoenix plumber, this is significant especially when protecting your water systems from scaling.


Pros of Soft Water System

Phoenix plumber contractors as well as experts in soft water distribution recommend that if a household uses soft water system they must include a bypass water system. A Phoenix plumber expert can give you more details about this system but basically it is a way to allow the flow of hard water for drinking and cooking purposes. This is done in order to reduce any related ill-effects to the human body. But why does a Phoenix plumber recommend the use of soft water? Basically, the major reason why water is “softened” is to minimize the buildup of mineral in physical items such as sinks and dishes. A Phoenix plumber can easily clean your tub because there are no “mineral rings” to take care of. Plus, you get the benefit of having brighter, cleaner laundry.


Cons of Soft Water Systems

As much as soft water is beneficial to you and to a Phoenix plumber, you should know that soft water systems increase sodium content of water, which may add unnecessary sodium into your diet. Most Phoenix plumber experts are aware of the cardiovascular effects of sodium. This is because sodium can cause water retention.


Expert Phoenix plumber firms know that the altered chemical composition of soft water becomes volatile for unwanted constituents as it flows the home’s plumbing system. This could lead accumulation of lead within its pipe joints, which could leak into the soft water thus putting you at a much higher health risk.