If you have a restaurant or other business in Gilbert, Arizona that has a grease trap, you will need to perform regular maintenance on it to protect your plumbing system. Most restaurants and commercial kitchens will need to have a grease trap installed and maintained, and they are used to stop the environmental impact of fats, oils and grease which are considered to be an environmental hazard. If you have questions about installing a grease trap or if you need service, be sure to contact a local plumbing company.

grease traps

Don’t dump grease down your drain

You should never dump oil or grease down a drain even if you have a grease trap but dispose of it properly based on local codes. Dumping grease down a drain is against disposal codes and it can cause your grease trap to break down or become overloaded too quickly. The grease trap is used to catch any grease or oil that made its way through the drain on accident, not for intentional dumping.


Clean your grease traps quarterly

You should hire a plumbing company or your own staff to clean your grease traps on at least a quarterly basis. This will ensure that grease does not overflow. However, this is not a set rule and there are some restaurants and other establishments that may need to clean their grease traps more frequently.


Be sure to manage grease properly

Grease can be a major problem in the restaurant business and you may need to change your disposal protocols if you find that you are getting a lot of clogged drains or if your traps are filling up too quickly. Improperly working grease traps can cause costly problems, but you have to be extra vigilant about your grease disposal protocols as well.


Grease and oil can cause sewer pipes to be clogged and backed up, and just one backed up drain can force your business to shut down or cause other problems. That’s why preventative maintenance of your grease traps is so important, and you should contact a plumbing company for an inspection if you find that your grease traps are not working as they should or if you are getting clogged drains regularly.