Preventing commercial plumbing problems is essential to ensure that your building’s plumbing system functions well during the most important times. When you have to deal with a plumbing problem in your Chandler, AZ business it can be very costly and time consuming. You want to avoid having to call a plumber when possible, and with these preventative steps you can protect your plumbing system to the best of your ability.

commercial plumbing problems

Check for leaks and repair them quickly

Be sure that you check your plumbing system for leaks on a regular basis and take care of them as quickly as possible. If your staff can’t deal with the problem, contact a local plumber to repair the leak. Leaks that you allow to continue for a long time will cause water damage and other issues. The sooner you repair leaks the better, and it can help to ensure that your plumbing system lasts.


Check for silent leaks

Silent leaks in your toilets or other plumbing fixtures can cost your business hundreds of dollars per year in water waste costs. Ask your plumber to check your pipes, fixtures, and toilets for silent leaks if you notice that your building’s water bill is higher than normal. There is a chance that you may have a silent leak that your plumber can detect using high tech equipment. Silent leaks can be repaired by replacing the fixtures or through another method that your plumber will recommend.


Schedule regular plumbing maintenance

One of the most important things to do is to schedule regular plumbing maintenance for your commercial building. Some businesses may need more regular maintenance because of a more frequent use of the plumbing system, while others don’t use it as often.


Talk to your local plumber in Chandler, AZ to get an idea on how frequently you should schedule plumbing maintenance. In many cases you will want to call a plumber to check your plumbing system at least once per year, but your particular business may need to be check more or less frequently based on how often your plumbing system is used and your other unique requirements.