Upgrading your plumbing can definitely improve the value of your Chandler, AZ home while also making your life more convenient, and there are several options available to you no matter what your budget is.

The biggest plumbing upgrade that you can make is to add another bathroom, but some ideas for smaller upgrades can include: adding more efficient or modern fixtures, installing a new water heater, installing modern showers, and more.

Virtually any plumbing upgrade that you make will be appreciated by the future buyer of your home, and you’ll get the benefit of enjoying it in the meantime.

Plumbing Upgrades to Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

Consider adding a modern shower

Modern showers can be a major selling feature for your home once it’s put on the market, and the latest showers have features like digital precise temperature controls, multi-spray showerheads, rainfall showerheads, glass doors and other stylish features.

Adding a new shower can make your bathroom feel more like a relaxing spa, and this can offer aesthetic pleasure as well as more functionality. Luxury showers often incorporate natural wood and other high-quality materials into their design and can look amazing when combined with a full bathroom remodel.

Upgrade outdated fixtures

Outdated plumbing fixtures such as faucets and sink sprayers can look bad and decrease the value of your home. Consider installing new fixtures with higher quality finishes such as antique copper, brass or brushed nickel.

Not only will your fixtures look better; newer fixtures are also often more efficient with their water usage. If you really want better water efficiency you will want to look for features like flow rate limiters or aerators. Efficient fixtures can reduce your home’s water usage and can further improve its resale value.

Talk to a plumbing company about where your home needs upgraded the most

Don’t be afraid to call a Chandler, AZ plumber for advice. A plumbing company or plumber can meet with you to determine where you should focus most of your attention when you are looking for plumbing upgrades.

They can point out the parts of your home that can benefit the most from an upgrade and also advise you on which upgrades might add the most value.


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