Inspecting plumbing prior to purchasing a pre-owned home can save you from costly repairs down the road.

Plumbing should be thoroughly inspected by a Gilbert plumber, and every aspect of the structure should

be carefully scrutinized. There are some areas of a house where you can perform your own basic plumbing

inspection without needing to hire a Gilbert plumber right away. For a more thorough inspection of the sewer

connections, water pipes and mains, and other plumbing, hiring a Gilbert plumber is well worth the cost.

The small cost of an inspection is very affordable compared to the money that you would have to spend on

plumbing repairs.


You should inspect the hot water heater to check for leaks and corrosion. A corroded water heater will many

times need to be replaced, and the cost of replacing a water heater by a Gilbert plumber can be substantial.

If you see that the water heater is corroded you should ask for a replacement or factor that into the cost of the

new home. You can also check the toilets for leaks and problems by flushing them and seeing if there is any

water leakage. You should make sure that the toilets work properly. If there are problems with the toilet not

flushing properly, you might request the home owner to have a Gilbert plumber replace the toilets.



Check the ceilings above the sinks and toilets for water damage – this is a sign that there is a leak that needs

to be fixed by a Gilbert plumber. If you spot water damage you should definitely consider hiring a Gilbert

plumber to locate the exact source of the leak and find out how much it will cost to fix the leak. After you have

performed your own basic plumbing inspection, it is recommended to hire a Gilbert plumber to check the full

plumbing system and catch plumbing leaks that you couldn’t see. Plumbing problems that you happen to catch

can be used to negotiate a lower price on a pre-owned home. A thorough plumbing inspection by a Gilbert

plumber is always a good idea prior to buying a used home, as it can save you thousands of dollars by catching

a costly plumbing repair.