Dry walls are common in most homes. They often react to water, and it is very hard to detect plumbing leak in these walls. Holes in plumbing pipes can become unnoticeable for an extended period. When this happens, the wall paint starts to peel. This act of peeling can pose severe damage to the walls. Spotting water stain on the wall can also mean fatal issues with the plumbing pipes.

When these stains become noticeable, tracing their sources can be tedious. The effect of leaks on the wall can range from internal damage to terrible failure and consequent flooding.

There is a great need to learn how to identify the signs, causes of plumbing leaks in the wall and also the available repair options.

In a particular situation, a mistake of using long nails can come into play while hanging a picture, shelf or when there is work on some other constructive perfection on the walls of a home.

Some plumbing fixtures might get pricked when the nail goes too far into the wall. The leaks created by this nail might go unnoticeable for years. Mold stains in the wake of the frequent presence of the dampness inside the wall begin to show and runs down the wall where the leak is present.

Plumbing leaks can also occur as a result of joint failure from the piping materials. Leaks of this type are commonly found in PVC pipe system.There is significant damage to joints that are not adequately cleaned and sealed.

Furthermore, leaks can emanate from corrosion. All metal pipe system often face this issue. A pipe capacity can be reduced to 70% when there is corrosion.The decay in these metals chop away the walls of the pipes and affects the structural integrity of the pipes. Pinhole leaks and burst are often the consequence of this issue.

Tomorrow, we’ll go over how to detect plumbing leaks in your walls, but for now, don’t forget to contact us should you find anything suspicious.

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