A common plumbing problem that we encounter is loose toilets. Now, don’t let your mind go to the gutter, I’m actually talking about toilets that move when you sit down, or seem to be unstable when you stand up. These are toilets that are loose, and there could be many reasons why the toilet in your Gilbert home doesn’t seem attached perfectly…

A toilet that rocks back and forth could cause major problems for your Gilbert home bathroom.

Loose Flange Bolts: This is probably the most common plumbing issue with toilets, and the easiest to fix. Check the bolts holding the toilet to the floor. If those bolts aren’t tight, simply grab a wrench and tighten them.

Now, over time, these toilet flange bolts can deteriorate if they are wet, or they can simply lose there effectiveness. If they are broken or have deteriorated, they’ll need to be replaced. This is when you might want to call in a professional Gilbert plumber.

Damaged Flange: The flange is the toilet fixture that mounts the toilet to the plumbing below the floor. This toilet flange can easily get worn and deteriorate over time, particularly if you have hard water. (If you need a soft water system that can help extend the life of your appliances and plumbing systems, give us a call!)

If the flange is damaged, you’ll need to call in a professional Gilbert plumber. Otherwise, if you go DIY, you’ll need to remove all the water in your toilet tank, drain it, lift the toilet from the flange by removing all bolts, then check the seal and flange for any damage.

Improperly Installed Flange: A common problem that lesser Gilbert plumbers might leave you with, or home construction services might leave you with, is a flange that has been improperly installed.

Loose Tiles: Rarely, but on occasion, our C. Slany Plumbers will find loose tiles around the toilet which are causing the toilet to rock back and forth. Our plumbers can replace these tiles as well.

If your toilet is loose and rocking back and forth, don’t wait to fix it. Call C. Slany Plumbing immediately!