The start of the New Year is the perfect time to upgrade your kitchen, and with the help of your local Gilbert, AZ plumber you can make some dramatic changes to your kitchen. Your plumber can help you with a new kitchen sink or dishwasher installation if yours is outdated.

A new sink or dishwasher will not only look much better but they are usually much more functional. If you are planning on buying a new sink as a part of your New Year kitchen upgrade, below are some tips and advice on making a good decision, and you can always ask your plumber for advice if you aren’t sure where to start.


Think about quality and material

If you are planning on staying in your Gilbert, AZ home for a while, you should think more about the quality of the sink you buy and its durability. Even if you plan on selling within the next few years, a good sink will improve the value of your kitchen and your home.

Sinks are now available in a wide range of different materials such as stainless steel, porcelain, cast iron and more. Your plumber can give you advice on the best material that will work for your home based on how much you use your kitchen and other factors.

Sinks are not complicated to install but your plumber can help

In many cases, a homeowner with a bit of experience can manage a sink installation. But, your local Gilbert plumber can give you advice on how difficult the installation will be.

Every sink is a bit different; for instance self-rimming sinks are easier to install, however undermount sinks which look sleeker are much more difficult to install. If you have a new undermount sink, you may want to call your local plumber for advice on the installation or to help you install it because there is the potential for plumbing issues or water damage if something goes wrong.

In many cases it’s simply easier to hire your plumber, but it all depends on your experience and the type of kitchen upgrade you’re doing.


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