When you have a water leak in your home, you need to call a local Gilbert plumber to quickly fix the issue, as a water leak can cause water damage to your ceiling, furniture, floors, and other parts of your home. The longer that you wait to call a Gilbert plumber, the more money that you will need to spend on damage repairs. The money it costs to hire a Gilbert plumber is much smaller in comparison to having to replace floors, drywall, or furniture.


Finding the source of the leak can be difficult without the help of a Gilbert plumber, but there are places you can look in your home to get an idea where the leak might be. Common areas that leak in the home include the bathroom (toilet or sink areas), kitchen sink, or areas with a faucet. You might notice that your water bill is higher than normal or see water damage in your home.


Toilets often have leaks that result from worn rubber flappers. This is an easier leak to fix sometimes without having to hire a Gilbert plumber. To check for this type of leak, put some food coloring in the toilet tank. If you see the toilet water start to change in color in the toilet bowl, you likely have a rubber flapper leak. Other toilet leaks may need to be fixed by a Gilbert plumber.


To check for a leak in your home, find your home’s water main shut off valve. This is usually located in the basement of your home or by an outdoor faucet. After the shut off valve has been turned on, check the leak indicator on your water meter. If the indicator is not moving then you have a water leak inside of your home, and if the leak indicator moves then the water leak is outside of your home.


Once you have determined that the leak is inside your home you should call a Gilbert plumber to determine where it is located exactly. A Gilbert plumber will find the exact location of your water leak and get it fixed quickly to prevent serious water damage.