Soft water systems are not cheap and they are a nice item to have in your house, so in order to keep the repair costs down and keep your soft water system running smoothly, you will want to make sure you are routinely keeping it clean and maintaining it. Doing some simple maintenance on your soft eater system will ensure that it lasts a long time.

1. Salt Tank

You are going to want to check and make sure that there is no salt buildup and form hard salt crusts inside the brine tank, also known as the salt tank. If you add too much salt or add salt too frequently to your system this is what will cause the hard salt buildup in the tank. If you do have buildup, you will want to break away at the salt and then throw away all of the hard salt clumps. After removing all the hard salt buildup, you will then want to give your tank a deep cleaning.

2. Resin Bed

If you have a soft water system that contains an iron resin bed, you will want to clean it, this will ensure that the iron resin bed continues to remove the hard water particles and replace them with salt.

3. Tank Injector

The injector in your soft water system can sometimes get clogged due to dirty salt buildup. If this happens you will want to clean the injector and the injector screen.

In order to maintain you soft water system and keep it from building up, you will want to not add too much salt and avoid adding it too frequently. You will also want to use pure salt that has iron remover in it. Although rock salt is cheaper, it will wind up costing you more money in the long run due to it tends to create more hard salt buildup more frequently then pure salt. You will also want to use iron-Out in order to clean the iron resin bed at least a minimum of once a year.