If you’re toilet is running, you should go get it! Just kidding…just a little Gilbert plumbing laugh.

But seriously, is your toilet constantly running? You flush, you walk away from the bathroom, and 5 minutes later you walk down the hall and hear that humming. It’s the toilet and it’s still running. What do you do?

Today, let’s talk about how to fix this running toilet the professional plumber way!

Is Your Toilet Running?

Step 1: Test the Flapper

First off, the flapper is that little valve that allows water to flow from the cistern into the bowl of the toilet. This valve opens when flushed, then closes in order for the tank (cistern) to refill with water for the next time you flush the toilet.

You can test the flapper by lifting the lid off of the tank, pushing down on the flapper, and listening…

If you don’t hear the water running anymore, you know that the flapper isn’t sealing properly and it’s allowing water to seep into the toilet…essentially running into the toilet…and that’s what you’re hearing.

Get yourself a new flapper.

Step 2: Check the Fill Valve

So, when you flush the toilet, the water rushes through the flapper and into the bowl. When this happens, the float (which looks like a balloon) heads down to the bottom of the empty tank, which opens the fill valve and allows new water to fill up the tank.

Now, if that float is not functioning properly…if it’s not going up and down fully with the water in the tank…this could be the source of your problem.

When the tank is filling, lift up the float arm. If the float arm stops the water from filling, it’s working. If you lift that float arm all the way up and water continues to ‘run’ into the tank, the float arm is not adjusted properly and you’ll either need to readjust it, or simply get a new one.

Worst Case

Now, step one and step two are the easy fixes, but there are times when you’re toilet is running and the problem is much bigger. In fact, there are times when a running toilet means you need to drain all the water out of that toilet, turn off the water all together, and then seek out the source of the problem.

If step one and step two do not fix the problem, call your Gilbert plumber here at C. Slany Plumbing and we’ll gladly come out to take a look.

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