You might have a leak, but you’re not entirely sure.

Today I’d love to dive into the symptoms of a leak with you. As your Gilbert expert plumber, I want to offer you a quick checklist to determine if you have a leak.

This will be one of the most important blogs you read all month…


Do You Have a Leak

Check Yes or No: Unexplained Puddles

  • If you have noticed any unexplained puddles in your home, particularly in the bathroom, near walls, beneath vents or in corners, you might have a leak.

Check Yes or No: Corrosion

  • If you began to notice corrosion around corners of the walls, around any vents, on the floor, in closets, or randomly on a wall, you might have a leak. Now, to be clear, corrosion doesn’t have to be a green monster appearing on your wall. It can be as simple as a slight discoloration of yellow that is barely noticeable.

Check Yes or No: Discoloration

  • As mentioned, any discoloration of the flooring, whether you have hardwood, tile or carpet, could be a sign of a leak. Any discoloration on the walls, even the slightest change in color, could be signs of a leak.

Check Yes or No: Chipped Paint

  • Chipped pain along corners or anywhere along the wall, either inside of your Gilbert home or outside, could be a sign of a leak.

Check Yes or No: Water Pressure

  • If you began to notice water pressure issues…the water pressure slowly begins to weaken in your home…you might have a leak.

Don’t wait if you think that you might have leaks. Call your Gilbert plumber immediately.


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