You turn on your garbage disposal in that new Gilbert home and hear a humming…but nothing is happening. It’s making noise, you know it’s working, or at least suppose to be working, but nothing is happening.

Don’t stress, or get your hand chopped off! Actually, a stuck garbage disposal, where the blades won’t turn (or churn), is extremely common and, in most cases, a quick fix.

When a garbage disposal is humming, but not turning, it means that the disposal is getting power (yay) but is jammed.


To fix this fast, go under the sink, find the hex head wrench tool (Allen wrench), stick it in the hole (breaker socket) on the bottom of the disposer and turn it back and forth.

This is to get the flywheel to “unjam” itself and turn freely. The hole we are talking about is on the outside and bottom of the disposer itself, not in the hole in your sink!

Just the other day I went to a home where the garbage disposal was humming, but nothing was happening.

After inserting the Allen wrench into the breaker socket on the very bottom of the disposal (unplug first!!!), some loosening and finesse, a rock broke free from inside the blades. It was stuck between the side wall of the drain and the blades of the garbage disposal.

In homes with kids, or just forgetful adults, all kinds of things can end up in the garbage disposal that aren’t meant to be there.

Always unplug the garbage disposal before doing any type of work on it…including putting your had down the drain!!


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