Toilets are often used and over time they can break down temporarily and be fixed by a local Phoenix plumber. In some cases a toilet cannot be repaired by a Phoenix plumber and will need to be replaced entirely. It helps to know when this occurs, so that you spend the money you would normally spending on hiring a Phoenix plumber on replacing the toilet entirely.

How to tell it’s Time for a New Toilet

If the cost to repair the toilet is the same as the toilet, it’s best to replace it

If the toilet costs almost as much to repair it as it would to replace it, it’s almost always a better bet to hire a Phoenix plumber to replace it or replace it yourself. There’s no real reason to simply fix an outdated toilet when you can replace it with a brand new model that is less likely to break down in the future. You might need to spend more time on the replacement, but your Phoenix plumber can also be hired to replace the toilet with a new one more quickly.

Constant problems with the toilet are a sign it needs to be replaced

If you have constant problems with your toilet that require you to call your Phoenix plumber on a regular basis, or fix them yourself, you should consider getting a new model. Older toilets can clog up more often because they have an outdated flush mechanism or other issues with their design.

Cracks in the toilet mean that the toilet usually needs to be replaced

Most cracks in your toilet cannot be repaired and are a sign that the toilet needs to be entirely replaced. Cracks can quickly grow in size and result in water leakage and damage inside of your home, which is an emergency situation that you would most likely need to hire a Phoenix plumber to help you out with. To avoid that situation, replace your toilet as soon as it gets a crack, and even if you see a very small crack your best option is to call a Phoenix plumber for advice as soon as possible.