Replacing your kitchen sink isn’t that difficult, and it can make your kitchen much more appealing and change up its look. If you aren’t sure how to replace your sink you can always call a professional plumber, preferably C. Slany Plumbing, in Chandler, Arizona for help.


If you have a moderate level of do it yourself skills, you can try the following steps to replace your sink before having a Chandler plumber help you with the installation. One of our experienced plumbers can help you with a few steps of the installation or the entire installation.


  • Measure your current sink’s dimensions. Make sure you take accurate measurements so that you new sink will fit without any issues.
  • Shut off the hot and cold water at the shutoff valve underneath the sink.
  • Open the faucet to release pressure.
  • Remove the faucet and handles, and disconnect the water line.
  • Turn off the power to the garbage disposal at your circuit breaker and remove it.
  • Loosen the slip nuts at both ends of the drain, and disconnect any connections to the dishwasher.
  • Use a utility knife to cut through the seal around the edge of the sink. If you aren’t sure how to do this without damaging your counter, contact a us for assistance.
  • Remove the old sink carefully.
  • Add new caulk on the underside edges of the new sink. This can be difficult so you may want to call a Chandler plumber for help with this step.
  • Place the new sink in the hole.
  • Remove excess caulk from the sides with a towel or rag.
  • Tighten any mounting clips on the underside of the sink.
  • Replace the faucet.
  • Add plumber’s putty around the new drain.
  • Install the drain and strainer in the sink.
  • Connect the drain pipe, sink trap, and other connections. If you aren’t sure how to do this, you can always contact a Chandler plumber for assistance.
  • Reattach the garbage disposal.
  • Connect the hot and cold water supply lines.


As you can see there are several steps required to replace your sink, so you may want to call in one of our experts for assistance. You can also save quite a bit of time if you hire a plumber in Chandler.


Also, keep in mind with a sink installation that there is the potential for a serious water leak, so if you aren’t sure just give us a call at (602) 999-1415. One of our experts will always do the job right and will protect your kitchen from water damage. Call today.


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