Home reverse osmosis water treatment systems are a cost effective way to always have a supply of clean water available for use in your home, and they can be easily installed by a Gilbert plumber or by yourself. Your local Gilbert plumber will often recommend these systems for a home, as they can be purchased for just a few hundred dollars and offer a cheap supply of highly filtered water.


If you have purchased a new reverse osmosis system you can decide to install it on your own without the help of a Gilbert plumber but you’ll need some basic plumbing knowledge. If you decide to do a self-install without a Gilbert plumber here are some steps on installing your system:


1.)   Read the instructions – each type of reverse osmosis filtration system will have its own required method of installation that will be a little different. If the instructions confuse you right off the bat you should consider hiring a Gilbert plumber to take care of the installation.


2.)   Get the tools you need for the job – this generally will include a screwdriver, drill, pipe wrenches and other tools. If you don’t have the right tools available you might call your Gilbert plumber as well.


3.)   Turn off the water supply – this can be done at the sink or at your water main.


4.)   Pick a location under you sink and install the system – Each reverse osmosis system has its own installation method, but they generally require attaching a cold water supply and a waste water line.


5.)   Mount the system and run it – you will need to let the system run for a while to get rid of contaminants, and mounting the system is generally the last step.


It’s a pretty simple job, but if your unit’s instructions sound confusing to you, hiring a Gilbert plumber will probably save you a lot of time and a headache. For those who have installed a similar system in the past, they can save a bit of money by not having to a hire a Gilbert plumber, as it is relatively easy to install most reverse osmosis systems.